How to Get More Conversions from Your Landing Page

A common mistake we see treatment centers making with their ad campaigns is driving traffic directly to the homepage instead of using a landing page that matches the specific intent of the visitor. Campaigns that use landing pages have consistently performed better. We’ve seen treatment centers double and triple their admissions when they started using and testing landing pages. Here we explain how you can use a copywriting framework called AIDA to build landing pages that will convert far better than your homepage.
We like to create our landing pages with a copywriting framework called AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. The point of the structure is to grab the visitors’ attention, keep their focus, build their passion, and finally call them to act.

Grab Their Attention with the Headline

The headline should match the intent of the user. When someone comes to your website through a campaign from a keyword, you should have a landing page that has that specific keyword in the title and supporting content describing the service they searched for. Because you will be targeting multiple keywords you will need to create multiple landing pages matching the intent of each keyword.

Get Them Interested in Program Benefits

Once you have their attention, you need to gain their interest quickly to keep them on the page. Explain how your program and services are going to help them achieve their goals. Focus more on the benefits rather than features. For example, people looking for a rehab program are often more interested in how you will use yoga to help them than merely knowing that your program offers yoga. Explain how each service is going to benefit them. Good quality photos of your facility are also helpful in building interest.

Build Design to go to Treatment

A video testimonial given by someone who has gone through your program and has turned their lives around is one of the best ways to build hope and desire for sobriety in the mind of the person considering treatment. Video testimonials often have the highest conversion rates among online media. They also trigger emotions and can help a hesitant person reach out and ask for help.

Show Them How They Can Take Action Today

Explain to the visitor how they can take action. Make it easy to understand what they need to do to move forward.

Having multiple calls to actions with different levels of commitment will maximize your conversion rate. Not everyone who visits your site is ready to jump on a call with an admission counselor. For people who aren’t prepared to call, give them other options like form fills, instant message, and email.


The AIDA copywriting formula is one of the oldest and most widely-used frameworks and works with most types of marketing. Give AIDA a try in flyers, emails, tri-folds, on your website, and any other place your business will benefit from copywriting.

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