Is Your Team Handling Your Leads Correctly?

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Does your team have a repeatable, documented sales process that covers every action from initial contact to onboarding them as a client that includes: qualifying questions, scripts for common scenarios, follow-up procedures, and policies on ways to generate referrals?

If you want your marketing returns to compound then it’s important to have a proven, documented sales process that your team uses to close leads and generate more referrals.

A standard sales process makes it easy to test new variations and see which ones perform better, train new sales reps, and improve overall team performance by forcing you to think the sales process through step-by-step and examine its performance objectively. This will add clarity to your existing processes and allow you to improve them.

In this article we’ll be talking about what sales processes are, why they are beneficial, and how to create one.

A. What Is The Sales Process?

B. Benefits Of Having A Sales Process

C. How To Create A Sales Process

A. What Is The Sales Process?

A sales process is a repeatable set of actions a sales team uses to move an early-stage lead to a closed customer. Most sales processes have: qualifying questions, responses to common objections, scripts for common scenarios, follow-up procedures, and information on how to generate more referrals.

Sales people should know the sales process so well they don’t have to refer to it during the sales conversation. It should be second nature to them so that in every situation the customer throws at them they can handle it confidently and genuinely.

B. Benefits Of Having A Sales Process

Sales reps learn from the best

One of the biggest benefits you gain from establishing a sales process is that your underperforming sales reps get a chance to learn and apply the techniques and strategies the top performers are using.

Gives your team a clear idea of how you want leads handled

Writing out your process will give your team a framework to work off of that will help them be more consistent with their sales. It will give your team a clear idea of what needs to happen in order to take a cold lead and turn it into a new customer.

Testing becomes easier and more profitable

Testing and improving the process becomes easier because you have a baseline to work off of. Your sales process should be constantly tested against other strategies and processes to see which one is better. Doing this your team should see a steady increase in conversion rate.

Increase the speed and efficiency you can hire and train new sales reps

You will train, manage, and scale your teams better. Having a sales process allows you to onboard new reps and get them closing deals quickly because they have a standard to go off of that has been proven to work. Teams that don’t have a sales process will always struggle to understand what works and what doesn’t.

C. How To Create A Sales Process


Overall teams with sales processes outperform teams without. Imagine two salespeople, one who knows the answers to all of your questions and answers confidently and the other who hems-and-haws and is unsure of what to say… Who is going to get your business?

Again, the benefits of working on your sales processes are:

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